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    The ultimate HJ membership pin?


    This one is on Weitze's update. A "common" real golden HJ membership from Baldur himself! IMO the provenance is not very great considering the relative low price he ask for this precious little thing. I mean if the background information would have been solid, he would ask much more than 2500 EUR.

    1c.jpg 1a.jpg 1b.jpg 1d.jpg 1.jpg

    Regards, Wim

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    That badge is neither one thing nor the other is it? It has a higher gold percentage than the Goldenes Ehrenzeichen but isn't engraved like those were and the pin setup is also different. I suppose it's possible that Schirach wore something like this but as you say, the provenance is clearly not the strongest so Weitze is just punting it out there to see if he gets a bite. I definitely wouldn't bite, even if I had the money. If the story is true then the vet must have done that dreadful engraving... All in all we are left with a HJ membership badge made of gold and a story.

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    Weird badge. Yes, not one thing or the other. If I were presenting the reichsjugendführer a special badge it would have to be special and this badge ain't that. The alternative is that he commisioned it for himself but why on earth would he do that? The HJ was all about being equal and using "Du" instead of the formal "Sie". No way that engraving is period......

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    Haha I think "BS" says it all.

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