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    5 März 1933 Aufbruch

    5 März 1933 Aufbruch

    I have this with my HJ stuff but I don't know if it is even HJ related? Any help is much appreciated. JME

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    I think this is a more general
    tinnie J. 'Aufbruch' is an awakening, a departure to something new which fits with the tinnie date.

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    Look at the maker ! Made in Austria, a few months before the
    ban... a nice piece thats surely scarce!!

    edit: I guess you "could" say that an Austrian maker made it for the German market, but to date there is no evidence of this ever happening before mid 1938, and even after the anschluss there is no evidence that Austrian makers produced anything "specifically" for the German market. IF they ever did, this would have come towards the very end of the
    period when the German infrastructure was wiped out.
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