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    HJ Gebiets-sportfest Nürnberg 1934

    Dear Fellow fake-busters,

    Here is an interesting Gebiets sportfest with solder across the reverse, but no pin attachment. There are 3 punch holes apparently used for sewing it to cloth. Not having seen this particular Tagungsabzeichen (correct term Jo?). I am interested in knowing who else may have come across this piece for authentication purposes.


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    Hello Dan,
    this is a tinnie which have lost his pin, and the owner made holes in it for sewing it on his Braunhemd.
    I would say this tinnie is destroyed, but not a fake.
    Best Regards

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    I would not even say it is destroyed. I has obvious traces of use.
    I also did put holes in a tinnie once when I did not want to loose it (with the scouts).
    The attachment will not keep it in place if you decide to weare it longer on camps and so on.
    Then you have to sew it onto your uniform or change the pin/fastening.
    It might not resell as easyly as a complete untouched item but never the less: a nice honest original.
    Gebietssportfest Nürnberg 1934 tinnie

    For the original pin see post # 5 here:

    Editor please move this thread to the tinnie section, Thanks

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