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    Hi everyone. Can i have an opinion on this blade please?

    This blade is not mine. But someone i know. They are adamant it is real but me and a few friends have tried talking sense into them. I think the diamond is bad. The colour and not enough detail. I dont know about blade as i dont know enough on blades themselfs to say real or not. Please everyone give your opinion. Thanks

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    Hi Josh

    Can you show the whole piece please?



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    Im only asking about the diamond itself. I will attach a few photos if i know how

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    The title of your thread is asking for an opinion on the blade.

    There is no such thing as an HJ bayonet... So it doesn't really matter if the diamond is original or not unless you want to use it on an original knife. Regarding the diamond, it looks like there is a ridge running through it in your pics, which there probably isn't, so can you post a better pic of the diamond? Less grip, more diamond.


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