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    Honour daggers

    I know almost nothing about these. Do we have anyone who is good on them? Numbers awarded, were they serial-numbered etc etc.

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    Hi Gary
    These are lovely daggers ive never seen one in hand but i know that fakes abound , i dont think these were issued with a serial number ,but with a document as this page from Angolas book shows , has anybody got one if so could you post pictures please ,,,

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    These do seem to be a rather elusive item.

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    It appears only two makers of this dagger have surfaced those being

    Carl eickhorn RZM M7/66
    Horster E& FM7/36

    It appears that all daggers were RZM marked although ther is rumors of early Eickhorn maker marked daggers,

    Acording to fisher reference there was also an HY Honour Leaders Dagger& a HY Marine Leaders Dagger although it appears no samples have been seen if true these i assume would be worth an absolute fortune ,


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