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    Introduction of Supronband UG on Hitler Youth knives

    Does anyone know when this plastic material was introduced? It replaced the leather parts but I don't know the year.

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    Schlaufen für HJ-Fahrtenmesser aus Werkstoff "Supronband UG"

    The note about this appeared in the Mitteilungsblatt der
    , nr. 17
    from December 6, 1941, page 94. The width for the leather, known as Tragevorrichtung,
    should be 18 mm, as the leather strap with button (Knopfriemen) be 16 mm. The button
    was a smooth black one (Federdruckknopf).

    Supronband UG was delivered from the concern Kalle & Co A.G. from Wiesbaden-Biebrich.


    with the date November 19, 1938 it was allowed to use grips for the knives from zinc
    (Zinkspritzguss), known as Marke Zamak 2 (Mbl.der
    nr. 24 from November 19, 1938).


    with the date February 20, 1943 it was not allowed to manufacturer the HJ daggers
    (smultaneously with the daggers for
    ). Mbl.der
    nr. 2 from February 20, 1943.
    The subject was NOT ever returned.

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    Many thanks Wim! I added that to the HJ knife wiki page

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    You know, when I am able to help, it will be done.
    But I know during the war there is a lot of information
    missing or never dealt with!

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