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    Johnson Militaria - The Hitler Youth Axe

    New update, and marked SOLD. The Hitler Youth Axe !

    He is like Snyder, he just doesn't give a rats ass what he lists... funny really, but sad for those who take him on his every word.

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      The HJ variant saw back is also shameful ...
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      Im afraid i know the answer already, but..(as i can't see it in the pictures) is he selling these advertised under a phantasy section? And even if he did, it would still not be a good thing to sell crap like this on a site of a "respected" dealer of original items. At moments like this i fear with great fears for the future of our hobby.

      As a non dagger (nor HJ) collector, i can't help but think what's the use of a screwdriver on an axe? Anyone who has ever handled an axe knows how sharp those are and NOT to handle the blade (not to mention the oil on it after useage). And that large
      mark must be a record too. Who is crazy enough to buy these things? The onyl logic i can think of is that he is marking them sold himself or that he wants to destroy his reputation on purpose! Just crazy!

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      The axe that Snyder was trying to sell in 2009 is here:
      Laughable 'Hitler Youth' Axe - what next?

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      Perhaps busines is bad and he has to sell someting to go to the Mac

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      It's an absolute disgrace.



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      I have dealt with JOHNSON in the past and always had great respect for his business, but this stupid axe crap he has on his site make me ill AND IT SOLD Johnson Reference Books

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      I've seen this one before somewhere, or at least another one like it.

      He has done himself out of a couple of hundred bucks because the handle end is actually a screwdriver...

      I guess it's screw it first, and if that doesn't work, smash it.

      I also had a lot of respect for this guy, but with him promoting this sort of garbage, and his un-attributed green diamond HJ knife, it appears that his only interest is income at any and all costs. Screw the collector for all he's got.


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      "Rust speckling to backstraps".

      Huh, what the heck is a backstrap on this thing?

      Must be a hasty copy and paste from some other piece of crap he's selling.

      I wonder if the buyer questioned that?

      And Johnson should know that
      is not a maker...

      Oh, that's right, he does know.

      Just like he knows this is a crock.



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