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    DJ group in Köln - Coca Cola ad

    This photo of a DJ group in Köln is dated 1940. Note Coca-Cola ad.



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    That's pretty cool.

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    Have a Coke and a smile while your doing the "sieg hiel" !

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    great reply joecool ! I love it, and it rhymes too!

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    Cool pic

    Am I right in saying Fanta was the most popular drink in Germany in those days?


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    By 1939, Coca-Cola had 43 bottling plants and more than 600 local distributors in Germany.
    After the outbreak of war, the German government placed Max Keith in charge of Coca-Cola's properties in the occupied countries, and he sent word through Coca-Cola's bottler in neutral Switzerland that he would try to keep the enterprises alive. But with no means of getting ingredients, Keith stopped making Coca-Cola and began marketing an entirely new soft drink he called Fanta, a light-colored beverage that resembled ginger ale.
    Fanta came by its name thanks to Keith's instructions to employees during the contest to christen the beverage — he told them to let their Fantasie run wild. Upon hearing that, veteran salesman Joe Knipp immediately blurted out "Fanta".
    Until the end of the war, Coca-Cola executives in Atlanta did not know if Keith was working for the company or for the Nazis, because communication with him was impossible. Their misgivings aside, Keith was safeguarding Coca-Cola interests and people during that period of no contact. It was thanks largely to his efforts that Coca-Cola was able to re-establish production in Germany virtually immediately after World War II.

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    HJ boys wearing sunvisors around their necks from a field trip to a CocaCola factory .
    Photo taken from an Ebay auction a few years ago .
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