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    Interesting pics on ebay - Herbert Norkus

    Not sure what it means but I know some of you collect Herbert Norkus items

    Admin edit: auction has expired but Darin has posted scans of the photos. See here

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    Already watching this one, hope to win if the price does not get insane.

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    What does the writing mean ?

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    I'm not exactly sure B-rad. It looks like a youth hostel or something, and maybe the writing is the date the HJ group pictured stayed there. All speculation on my part of course. I'm starting to collect some Norkus related photos when I see them now to display with my insignia grouping.

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    The writing on the back reads:

    HJ Holliday Home
    ''Herbert Norkus''
    At the Heinicks Place
    At the Erz mountains

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    Thanks Pat!

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    Yes thanks Pat !

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    Slight correction to Patrick's post: Heinrichsort in the Harz mountains

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    It's not the Harz Mountains Garry i did a search on the erz gebirge :)

    Erzgebirge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Oops! Yes, Erzgebirge of course :)

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