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    someone colorized this BDM pic...

    ...tie should be black, but otherwise pretty good...original ID card is on Chris's excellent site.
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    I would say it looks like a bad coloring job, but i couldn't do better, and dont know what it entails. I do know that Garry does this too, and achieves excellent results!

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    I think Garry would have had a much better result, when I take a look
    at the ones I know from him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilhelm saris View Post
    I think Garry would have had a much better result, when I take a look
    at the ones I know from him!
    No Doubt. He did me proud with the image being used for the front cover of my book. The original image was damaged as well, but still a fantastic job was done.
    The question of whether i will give him credit for this image in my book is another matter, knowing "me" and the way i am, probably not!

    To be fair though, the first colorized image is far better than anything i could ever do. I am just not a Photoshop guy at all, and only know the very basics!
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    Thanks chaps :) The 'secret' to getting good results is to use layers. The pic in post 1 looks like it was all done on one layer which leaves no control over the individual colour intensities and opacity/fill. The
    chap Jo shows there, for example, has 12 layers (shirt, badge, armband etc etc)

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    Post 4 colored
    picture looks extremely great.
    I do have however one question: the shoulder-belt looks like black?

    For regular
    it should be darker-brown (Schokoladebraun/dunkelbraun).
    Anyway according the
    regulations from 1938 and the introduction for
    the color for the leather for
    -Wehrmannschaft in December 1939. So, the
    shoulder-belt anyway should have a trace of darker brown somewhere.

    By use the belt look often quite dark. I hope I see black and it indeed
    actually is darker brown??
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    Hi Wim,

    Yes, it does look a little dark there but here's a zoom of the strap. Definitely dark-brown


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    And lets not forget Mr.
    -Man, also done by Garry!


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    post 7: that's how it should look. Great!
    Eight is great!

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    Nice work, all....Here was the original pic, so they had to make some edits to it, in addition to colorizing. I tried using Corel, but I couldn't figure it out.
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