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    Certificate - Unterführerinnen-Dreikampf BDM

    Hi Guys
    Here's hoping you can put me straight with this citation?......
    Is it a sports award citation, or is a leadership award? Those damn German compound words Can't make head nor tail of it

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    Yes, a Sporturkunde.

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    Please login to view user info's easy when you know. I'm pulling my hair out with some of the stuff I've just got hold of :)

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    Irma Wilhelm
    hat am
    des Bundes deutscher Mädel
    in der Klasse A teilgenommen
    und 1663 Punkte erreicht
    In Anerkennung der Leistung
    verleihe ich diese Urkunde
    Berlin, den 1. September 194
    Der Jugendführer des Deutsches Reichs


    Irma Wilhelm
    has participated in the 1941
    Underleader triathlon competition
    of the League of German Girls
    in class A
    and reached 1663 points
    In recognition of the achievement
    I give this certificate
    Berlin, 1 September 194[1]
    The Youth Leader of the German Reich
    Reich Youth Leader

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    Yes, this is the triathlon for lower leaders in the BDM and
    . Higher leaders had the Führerinnen-Fünfkampf, a description of this competition is in the HJ Wiki here:

    BDM leader sports badge

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