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    HJ Führerausweis. Help needed

    Hi all.

    I recenty got a Fürherausweis and it's difficult foe me to decipher all the info. that appears there. Lack of practice, and my German is less than tolerable.

    Could you please help me to identify the different promotions stated in this HJ führerausweiss? On 20 April 1939 he was promoted to Oberkameradschaftsführer if I am not wrong, but
    - On 9 November he was promoted to something I can decipher.
    - On 1 October 1940 I cannot read the rank he got, either.

    Another question, the number 58 765 on the left hand side of the first page, at the top, ... what does it refer to?

    In the second pic, can you tell me what is written in "Werwendung als Fürher?

    Any other opinons are welcome too.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Heinrich Balck
    Born 4 December 1919 in Hamburg

    20 April 1938: Rottenführer
    9 November 1938: Kamf.(?) Kammeratschaftsführer
    20 April 1939: Oberkammeradschaftsführer
    1 October 1940: Scharführer

    Verwendung als Führer - Used as a leader
    10 July 1939 - 24 July 1939
    Lagerfü. (Lagerführer/Campleader) in Mot. Lager 1939 (Motor Lager - Motor-HJ camp?)

    HJ.-Leist-Abz.-Nr. - HJ-Leistungs-Abzeichen-Nummer - HJ achievement badge number



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    Thanks a lot Henrik for taking your time to help me with this document. Really appreciated.

    By the way, I forgot to say that the pics are the seller's. I have paid but not received the grouping yet, so I cannot post mine. I hope the seller doen't mind.

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