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    Hitler Jugend drum harness/strap

    Does anybody have a good source or picture that shows HItler Jugend marching or carrying a drum with a harness/strap or belt. I picked up a couple of Hitler Jugend snare drums this past weekend and want to find/see how these drums were carried.Want to complete the set for these drums. Thank you,,,

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    There are lots of pictures including pictures of the drum hanger used by the HJ on the forum but you'll need to get to three posts in order to see them full-size. It is annoying I know but I was forced into introducing that limit a while back after it became clear that a small minority of people were joining the forum simply to copy pictures for use on their blogs etc.

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    Thank you Garry,,, I guess that I will just keep plucking along here to get my status upgraded..Take care,,,

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