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    Hitler Youth snare drum (trommel) - good one?

    Do you like it?

    Its an original one?

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    I think you would have to ask a collector of musical instruments. These drums where used in Germany from 1900 to the late 60s. (Maybe even earlier but I have not seen earlier pics.) And in my opinion they did not change much. So you will have to look for details and ask people who have been collecting these kind of drums. These drums were used with Jugendwehren befor the 1st WW already and in the 20s by all kind of youth organisation and also marching bands, HJ for sure but also FDJ after the war in East Germany and throughout the whole time by those marching bands in Germany.

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    Very true. Schirach mentions this in his autobiography where he talks about the adoption of the Musikzug and Fanfarenzug that had been features of the pre-HJ Bündische Jugend. I think we've said it before on the forum but as long as such a drum can be shown to be of pre-1945 manufacture and has the red/white colour scheme then it would be legitimate to attach a HJ connotation. Whether a given drum was actually used by the HJ is something else of course. Just for reference, the dimensions of the officially approved drum (Marschtrommel) for the HJ are given as:

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    Just a quick addition to the above:

    in Oct 1941, reporting forms were produced by the RJF which had to be filled out and submitted by musical units/formations. On the form concerning these side drums (Marschtrommel), it is stated in the notes section that they had a metal eagle attached to them. So, there is at least one type of drum that can be described as "definitely HJ" but clearly, any of these drums that remained in use after 1945 would have lost their eagles so unless we can identify the position on the drums where the eagles were attached (and look for signs of removal) we're back to square one :)

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    Always good to see more information and facts brought to out Garry. Ebay and the like are full of drums listed as "HJ' without any evidence of any HJ connection.

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    DOES ANYONE HAVE A PIC SHOWING THIS EAGLE would be very interesting to see what it looked like and where positioned

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