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    HJ Drum and sticks/belt?

    This is from my collection and I would like to open it up for discussion. First, the sticks seem OK, they look like the ones seen in many photos meaning not the black military style with brass ends.

    The skins of course are a modern replacement.

    I am not sure about the belt although it seems to go with set. Waist could be no more than 28-29 inches I think.

    The eagle with crown is typical, I think, of the early HJ eagles--note, no tail.

    I thought most of the drum gear and the drum itself hung from normal HJ belts, but maybe this was used also early on. I just do not know.

    The red triangles are facing the wrong way. Outwards instead of inwards. Again, I do not know. Maybe the fellow who put it together put the bottom ring on top and the top ring on the bottom and fitted it before he realized the problem or maybe it was meant to be this way.

    Lots of questions. John

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    The drum rims are located the correct way as the fittings for the snares need to protrude downwards as shown. I don't know if there was a regulation for the painted markings of the snare drum but there are a few different types and sizes, some being maker marked and others not. Maybe Garry might know. Not sure about the hanger, but I think it may be an Imperial one. Still, a nice collection there.



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    It turns out to be a generic drum, not HJ or military. There were regulations and this drum does not meet any of them unfortunately. I have checked the available references and it is pretty clear at this point that this was a drum for a band, but not HJ/military.

    See attached image for what they looked like.

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    I don't know who this pic belongs to, but it is one that I saved. The drum on the right shows the, presumably red or black arrows, pointing outwards, the same as yours.


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    Thanks for the picture. Looks like a larger drum of course and not sure if these boys are actually HJ. Interesting headgear.

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    Someone posted an HJ marked drum stick holder on the other forum. It's the only one I've personally seen that was marked HJ, who knows what sort they may have used though.

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