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Thread: my new items

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    my new items

    today i bought these new HJ music instruments for my collection

    20151031_202231.jpg20151031_202240.jpg20151031_202332.jpg20151031_202347.jpgMichel 27.gif

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    Interesting items, do you have prove whether they are HJ related?
    Instruments like these were used before 1933 and after 1945.
    An old "Schalmei" or "Martinstrompete" is a rare item anyway.
    Any markings (
    or date) on them?

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    Christian thanks for your comment
    I buy my items from friends who have contact with people in Germany and Austria. They have relatives who live there
    Most of them are family / friends who know old people who have ww2 items on there attic or collected themself
    The horn was from an old man who joined the HJ
    There are no rzm markings or date on them only what you can see in pic 2 and a M ( i place photo of it)
    What i was told is that after the war the horn was made out of 1 piece, this one is made of 4 seperate hoorns ( new photo) and the ring on top for your finger is a square after the war( i dont know how to translate it so i hope you understand it)
    If someone have more info about this horn please let me know


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    These Martintrompeten are still made today, but are quite uncommon.
    I hope you can read German.
    Here are some Information in English:
    Martin horns
    And even in Dutch:
    Old Martin Signal - Signal horn - Catawiki
    An interesting instrument for sure.
    We have had another short thread about these here:

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    thanks christan i will look at it
    yes i understand german a little bit, no problemo
    otherwise whe have google translate
    the horn i have is with two vents and i was told thats bit more scarce that with one vent
    if i have more info/ proof about its age i will let it know ok
    for now i trust the friend i bought it from

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