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    BDM / Jungmädel pennant pole (Wimpelspeer)?

    Hello I present the javelin Or Dj / HJ doors FIND parts in Alsace. have you had the opportunity to see June. Length of first section: 1.25 meters. Second section: 1.24 meters

    sincerely seppi72

    je vous présente les javelot Ou Dj / HJ de portes TROUVER des pièces en Alsace. avez-vous eu l'occasion de voir juin. Sincèrement seppi72

    DSC03845.jpg DSC03846.jpg DSC03847.jpg DSC03848.jpg DSC03849.jpg

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    bonjour je trouve ces photos sincèrement seppi72

    008.jpg 009.jpg

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    Your upper photo in the second post does not show a HJ group.
    It is a pre HJ youth organisation, forbidden from 17th June 1933 on.

    The flagpole / Wimpelspeer is really very nice.
    How much does one pay for such a period flagpole?

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    Very nice indeed. This is a regulation BDM/
    Wimpelspeer. The regulation (issued 1935 and still valid in 1945) shows that they should be in two pieces with a chrome centre section and red cord. Total length should be close to 2.4m. That
    sticker/transfer isn't noted in the regulation.

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    good morning
    I just measure the total length of 2.41 meters.
    this pole go Alsace France.
    I had two, one that I share against other objects.
    thank you all for your comments.
    sincerely seppi72

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    very nice wimpelspeer seppi !

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