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    Formation flags for Hitler Youth medical units (Feldscher / Unfalldienst)?

    I see from other threads that the special formations like Streifendienst, Flieger-HJ, Motor-HJ etc all had their own formation flags and was wondering if the HJ medics (Feldscher)had the same?

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    They did have flags but as the medical units were not organised in the same way as the Motor-HJ, Flieger-HJ etc, the flags were not numbered. They also had a different appearance and size. Here's a translation from the order issued in 1939 that officially introduced standardised flags for doctors and medics. Special armbands were also introduced at the same time:

    18th of January 1939
    "In order to identify the location of doctors and aid stations at events, a white flag with red life rune has been introduced. It will be manufactured in the following sizes: 80 x 140cm and 50 x 85cm. All doctor and aid stations are to be identified with the flag appropriate to the size of the formation and the local conditions".

    It is clear from a further period publication that some medical formations were not buying these new standardised flags and that they had been making their own and attaching the incorrect rune or had added writing so a further order was issued in September 1939 reminding everyone that only the authorised flags were permitted and that they should get rid of any non-standard items.

    (I don't have a photo of one of these flags in use so I knocked this one up quickly in photoshop. In reality the rune size may have been a little bigger or smaller but the the flag will have looked like this).

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    I really enjoying to read this information

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    Thats great Garry. Many thanks! Would you be able to show the armbands you mentioned in post 2 too please?
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    No probs. These are the armbands that were introduced:


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    Thanks again Garry. That's great

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    No probs :)

    Just a little more from the regulation: these armbands (and the flags) could only be ordered through the
    , more specifically through the
    department 'HJ-Lager' under the article numbers 8891 and 8892 respectively. The doctor armband cost 0,38 RM and the medic 0,30 RM

    They were worn at events involving more than one Gefolgschaft by those directly involved in the event as doctors or medics.

    Still struggling to find an example of the armband on a photo or in a collection but I've found a thread here on the forum where Henrik showed one of the doctor armbands:


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    PV-img022 fahnenaufmarsch 31-8-41.jpg
    Not sharp, but two girls do wear the armband for medics on August 31, 1941.
    You can see the Lebensrune is large and has smaller "bars/legs"!

    The text and drawings from the Reichsbefehl from September 5, 1941:
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    Many thanks Wim I spent ages trying to find a photo but no luck

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    Great post! My contribution :
    Attached Images Attached Images

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