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    HJ banner/wimple opinions please

    This is my new buy but im unsure about what it is 100%. I dont think its a trumpet banner due to the hooks. I would like to know everyone's opinions. Thanks !

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    Interesting tabs at the top. From the photos the banner looks well made and period. I agree probably not a fanfare banner but more of a decorative or podium type flag.

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    Hi :) thanks for your reply. I've been told it's some kind of kettle drum for big drums etc. There is a picture I will attach below which is what I believe it is.

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    It's possible that it was used like the flags in the photo. I can't say for sure personally but as said it appears to be period made to me.

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    Thanks for your opinion. I appreciate it. There is stitching in top left and top right on the plain side where the stitching has gone over itself like it was done by hand on a machine. Thanks josh

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    I have actually handled this one, and was asked to "appraise it" AFTER it was purchased from the fair. Something that is not done, however, I had, and still have some serious concerns. It was seen at Chelmsford fair a few weeks previous, by a friend of mine, and he stayed clear of it.

    The material is like sack cloth, only one sided, and has leather straps with brass half moon rings for hanging..... if my memory serves me correct. It looked very "yellow" as if it had been artificially aged..... I could be wrong, but I wouldn't stick my money in something so obscure........

    Sorry Josh, You just do not ask another dealer to appraise any item........ after you have bought it........ It causes all sorts of problems......

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    Sometimes these items are best inspected in hand to be certain. Difficult situation to be in John, but the item is what it is fake or not. That being said before you buy items be sure for yourself if they are good or not. Do not depend upon others to authenticate items. It's okay to ask for opinions but form your own based on facts.

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    Pics from outside
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    No yellowing and no leather hook holders
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    a good piece for me also this , materials are fine IMO , heavier material on the rear will be to help it ware less, i also like the double line of red stitch around the outside including along the white , just like a massive HJ flag i have here, also just like a friend here in the villages Geolgschaftfahne with the same double red line of stitching so another good point, imo its a Period piece for either a small window/podium type display or a drum skirt but we will never know

    i also must note i have seen much better pics of it than this ;)

    there is also many many different types of banner attachments , different clips, ropes, hooks etc here is one with leather attaching a clip.

    jmo, but for the right price i will take it off him
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