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    Large Early Deutsches Jungvolk flag?

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me about this flag. It is about 4' x 9' and double sided. It looks weathered and there is a cut rope strung through one end as if it has been cut down from where it was hanging. There is no tag or writing on it. Thanks for any info!

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    The design of the flag is an elongated match for the DJ membership badge (less the lettering "
    " or "DJ"). This badge was discontinued in 1934 and was only permitted to be worn on civilian clothing after that point. Flags for the Jungvolk were standardised initially in July 1933 and this design was not included. The symbol of the Jungvolk (even before it was incorporated into the HJ) was a white rune (originally silver) on black so, if real, this flag/banner can only date to the early pre-regulation period. The design shown on your banner is known to have been used in the early period and can be seen on period photographs but in my experience it is only shown on pennants.

    Here's an item I used to own which I believe was removed from an early DJ pennant (as soon as your post count reaches 2 you'll see the pics):


    Here's a type 1 DJ membership badge:


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    Thank you for the info! I got this from a storage unit and know very little about it's previous owner. It was in a plain box with "flag" written in ink across the top. Each piece is individually sewn onto the black fabric. It appears to be very old, but I have no experience with vintage fabric items. I am going to do a little research on the previous owner and see if there is any military or German heritage. He was an attorney who passed away several years ago. Maybe this item was given to him- the "flag" box was in a cabinet full of office supplies in a unit of paper files, so not being given any special treatment.

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