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    Ron, thanks for the information and showing your outstanding collection. Good to see you here posting.

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    Thanks for your input and for posting, it is a nice collection of some hard to find items

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    NPEAs and the SS

    Quote Originally Posted by B-RAD View Post
    from wikipedia

    The first three NPEA's were founded in 1933 by the Minister of Education Bernhard Rust in Plön, Potsdam, and Köslin. The schools responded directly to the Reich Ministry for Education, rather than to any states like regular schools. From 1936, the NPEA's were subordinated to the Inspector of the National Political Institutes of Education and SS Obergruppenführer August Heissmeyer. From 1939, they were part of the Hauptamt Dienststelle SS-Obergruppenführer Heißmeyer. Therewith the schools were under the direct influence of the SS and Heißmeier pressured teachers to join this organization. He also considered introducing uniforms and ranks similar to the SS among students and teachers. By 1941, there were a total of 30 NPEA's with 6,000 students enrolled in all of Nazi Germany. In 1942, there were 33 schools- 30 for boys and 3 for girls. By the end of the war 43 schools existed.
    One thing you should know is that Heissmeyer, while a member of the SS leadership, was an employee of the Ministery of Education under Rust, who developed the NPEA Schools as a gift to Hitler in 1933. At that time Haupt was the head inspector of the NPEA under Rust and Heissmeyer took his place in the mid-1930s after Haupt was accused of being disrespectful of Himmler. Heissmeyer did not influence the NPEAs as an SS Leader until the early 1940s and the SS Sleeve Eagle was used by the schools in the mid-1940s (around 1942).

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