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    These came in the mail yesterday.

    This deal took a looooooooong time. I think I made the first inquiry in March. They just came yesterday. Finally!
    They were worth the wait.


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    Very well done Kevin. You have one of the strongest triangle collections around. Congrats!

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    Thanks a lot Darin.

    They are beginning to get a bit pricey.


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    Amazing one!!

    would you be able to show pictures of your full triangle colelction?

    thanks in advance



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    i agree triangles seem to be getting dearer all the time

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    As Stu once told me, the best stuff is never cheap!

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    yest indeed .... and as Jack Angolia once told me...

    "Today's high prices are tomorrow's bargains".


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    Yes I will put photos up.

    I'll put them by category; Ost, Südost, Nord, etc.

    Oh by the way, since I got burned on the lost Registered letter (containing two triangles) from Germany, I've started using FedEx for larger dollar purchases. It cost me 56EUR for FedEx to get these three 'Ost' triangles to my door. Can you believe that?

    But, they did arrive at my door, so considering the package contents, I think the cost was worth it.



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    Kevin, Fedex is pretty reliable. I ordered a couple of items from Wietze and the Fedex cost me 20 euro, but the items arrived from Germany to California in under 24 hours!!

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    Very nice!

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