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    Evangelische Wehrschar

    I have a couple of albums from this christian youth movement so I thought I'd show a few photos. The Evangelische Wehrschar must have been a section within one of the larger christian youth movements because I can't find any specific references to it and it isn't listed as a separate organisation by the ReichsjugendfŘhrung. HJ/DJ uniforms begin to appear in the photos from 1935 but the Wehrschar would have gone over to the HJ along with the rest of the christian youth in early 1934.

    Here are some photos from the first album which goes from 1930 to 1932/33
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    more from album:
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    more shots...
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    one more......
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    Gary, great photos, looking at these i might add the phrase....the seed did'nt fall far from the tree...................

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    Very true :) Change the flags, change the uniforms a little and this could be the HJ.

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    WOW great Garry.I love these pre HJ photos and interesting research material

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