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    2 Shooting badges

    i can get these two badges. Are they ok, or copies?

    DSCN5185.jpg DSCN5186.jpg

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    not my area of collecting, but

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    I am afraid that these badges have not been dicussed here as deeply as other badges.

    Another Jungvolk M 1/52 was shown in January 2013 and got no reply at all.
    Several HJ M 1/63 have been discussed here and are said to be good.
    It is also said that there are fakes of the M 1/63 around.

    These shooting badges have been faked for decades.
    Some easy to spot ones are among them.
    But since it is not my field of collecting I am not of any further help.
    Let us wait for some more opinions.

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    thanks christian :)
    are there some more opinions
    greets christian

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    I would like to be of some help, but I don't have enough knowledge of them to give an opinion. I am also interested in these badges, and would like to buy them in the future, so I would also welcome any expert opinion on them.

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