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    1941 championship pin

    hi all
    this was on butcheks update and was wondering what peoples thought where on it, dont often see these cased

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    no thoughts on this rare badge ??????.

    garry any info on what these where awarded for ?? have searched but not found much info

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    I'll be as honest as ever mate; I don't know

    I know that it is described by the dealers as the 'Siegernadel der Reichsjugendführung' but I have no idea at which level of the Reichssportwettkampf this would have been awarded.

    The aim (or rather one of them) of the Reichssportwettkampf was to eventually find the best teams and individuals who would then compete to become 'Jugendmeister' but the Jugendmeister badge doesn't look like this pin so the pin may have been awarded at the Gebiet (Perhaps also Bann/Obergau?) level of the Reichssportwettkampf but I can't say for sure as I have no references here which could prove it.

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    I wrote about this in my Military Advisor article (Winter 2005/06). The Riegelhoff grouping which I once owned, included Jugendmeister Urkunden for 1941 and 1942.

    The 1941 Urkunde states that Marianne Riegelhoff, Deutscher Jugendmeister 1941, is being presented 'die goldene Siegernadel 1941'.

    Included in the grouping are photos of Ms. Riegelhoff receiving her award at Breslau: it is in stickpin form (you can see the carton in the photo but alas, not the badge) and in my opinion of the type offered by Butschek. This is the conclusion I came to in my article.

    In 1942, the badge became the one featuring the Jugendmeister designation. Although as per the '41 Urkunde, the badge is referred to as the Golden Victor's Pin (goldene Siegernadel).

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    Aha, yes a change in the appearance of the badge from the stickpin version to the 'Jugendmeister' version in 1942 explains everything. I couldn't get my head around the fact that two high-level badges existed for one competition.

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    1940 edition of the stickpin
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    Does anyone have a photo of these in wear?

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    Hi i will post later i have the marianne urkund and pictures in my collection somewhere regards tomas

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