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    Cased HJ sports award repro ?

    What are the thoughts on this award? I did some research on here & found that there are opinions that these are fantasy pieces. Also I compared the reverse of this one with one considered to be good in an earlier post by Gary and the lettering on Gary ’s seems more crisp than the lettering on the one I posted. Also the details on the reverse of it look kind of soft compared to the one Gary posted in his thread.


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    I have been collecting since 1974 , what I can say is that I had not seen these on the market until 1995 . Personaly , I have doubts on these .

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    Thank you for the info.

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    but klaus butchek had a very large grouping for sale and these awards where part of that grouping together with docs, cant find the pics now but im sure they are on here somewhere

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    There's one on the thread Mike referenced in post 1 above Stu

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