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    That is what i would call a KVK fetish Mike:001_tt2:

    But nice collection of them

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    Good lord Mike! That cabinets gonna cave in from all those medals!!:001_tt2:

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    yes some beauty stuff in that recent hoarde find. I got a couple pieces out of also and now have a complete set of the war merit series all by maker 1


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    Any Photos Paul, Iam on the look out for a KVK1 with swords seen a few but usually abit expensive, with rubbish photos. Would like to hold out for a Cartoned one though, the second class with the packets are great think i have about 6 from the hoard :)

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    think there isone on my personal space. John at German war booty got some of the stuff and has it for sale now

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    he did have alot more :P missed the dam EK2's though

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    Quote Originally Posted by EVILMIKE View Post
    KVK's rock and still widely avaliable at cheap prices! Although i just splashed out on another 6 packets with medals and a Dreschler Hoard Cartoned cased KVK1 with out swords :)
    wow mike you have a amazing collection there mate would love a 100% mint 1 marked ek2.

    regards ewan

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