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Thread: Gausieger 1938

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    Gausieger 1938

    Hi All,

    Finally I got my first Gausieger (and definitelly not the last one) from 1938. The maker, as usual is Brehmer and the number may have been around 6.500.

    As you can see, it is in a good condition, bothe the enamel and "more or less" the Diamond (normally the suffer the more damage). Also the Silver finish is present in most of the piece, but of course, it shows its age and use.

    Best regards


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    nice one antonio its a great looking badge

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    Nice one Antonio. The 1938 was the one I was looking for when I was still buying. Couldn't find one anywhere so ended up buying a decent fake to fill the gap :)

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    Congratulations on another nice addition Antonio. Your collection continues to grow.

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    Very nice would love that one in my collection congrats.

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    all things come to he who waits !

    very nice my friend, congrats!!!

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    Hi All,

    To say good bye to 2013, I didnt want to leave this lovely (I luv it) Gausieger alone. So I got the following 1938 Gausieger Document. It is a really nice document. It is, in a good condition (despite a couple of dirty points).

    The competition is Holz - Wood (Wettkampfgruppe 5). In this competition in 1938 there were 121.381 competitors. We have to remember that there were around 6.500 Gausieger in 1938, so we can say that there were just around 300-400 Gausieger in this competition, divided into 3 groups; boys, girls and adults.

    Hope you like it.

    Best Regards

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