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    Quote Originally Posted by Deputy
    I just love it when someone is too lazy to do their legwork and depends on someone else to do it for them. A sign of the times I guess.
    Deputy, you are coming across as a paid-up member of the "Everything is Real and Authentic until proven otherwise" club. This club consists mainly of people who prefer to snipe at and devalue primary sources whilst offering collector and dealer anecdotes and other stories as "proof". They believe in a strange, ethereal late-war period of pixie-land where boys wore BDM skirts because the Third Reich ran out of shorts and where present-day magic attics pump out all manner of strange and wonderful "late-war"

    Facetious, yes but I'm sure that you get my point. Guesswork is no substitute for legwork but despite berating another member for a lack of the latter, I see nothing from you apart from a link in post #23 to a page that is long on words but very, very short on footnotes. So short, in fact, that there are none. This is opinion, not proof. This is not to say that the author could not prove any of his statements but the point is that the reader is left to decide whether anything he has just consumed is actually true. If that page satisfies your thirst for knowledge then you need spend no more of your time on HJ-Research. I certainly don't want you here if your aim is simply to make snide posts like #29.

    Yes, there were oddities caused by the war and there were also oddities in the early period and it should be in the interest of any serious collector to find plausible reasons for the existence of those oddities because otherwise, the unscrupulous take control of the vacuum. However, the search for plausible reasons should use first-hand accounts, logic, primary literature, period photographs etc etc and should not simply be the repetition of the much-loved (by some) "late-war" scenario which might as well be a magical swamp shrouded in mist where, long ago, the inhabitants ran out of proper toilet paper and now have to wipe their a**es on the pages of old books.

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    Yes Lauri, this is the helmet I am speaking about. such a beauty piece!

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    In my opinion you could not just buy a decal in a store. There is no price-list which includes helmets or decals.
    I have never seen this mentioned.

    The uniforms and equipment for Feuerwehrscharen der HJ were supplied by the department Freiw.Feuerwehr from
    a city as mentioned: Uniformen werden durch das Reichsamt für Freiw. Feuerwehren ausgegeben und nur zur Dienstleistung
    in der Feuerwehr-HJ zur Verfügung gestellt. Sie bleiben eigentum der Behörde.

    This is obvious when one looks at permits (Ausrüstungs-Nachweis and Ablieferungs-Bescheinigung). The helmet
    was supplied by the department from a city. The boy had to sign for delivery. Not even the manufacturing or selling (not even
    from parts) was allowed, according to the

    I do not know who deputy is, but he has to learn a lot (I agree with Gary). Beware for the so-called "experts" at some forums.
    Hardly any of them ever states things with old and actual documents. Why not, you will ask? The answer to this question is simple:
    they never or hardly ever have seen any of this stuff.......
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    This pic is for sale on Klaus B's auction firm - can it prove anything about HJ-helmets ???

    HJ HJælm.jpg

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    I think it doesn't prove anything new, we already knew they were used, but there is no evidence of mass production of these decals.
    This photo looks pre-war to me!

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    Yes, this subject always starts a lively discussion.

    HJ pieces are one of my specific interests when it comes to militaria collecting, and I have been enjoying the hobby for 5 to 6 years now.

    If someone were to ask me if I would like to purchase a genuine, authentic HJ helmet, complete with HJ decal, my answer would be "No, thank you" quick as pulling my hand from a fire. This is due to the fact that there is (at this point) no evidence that Third Reich Germany officially produced these helmets as part of their official uniforms. And authenticity, in that way, is important to me as a collector.

    So, even though a helmet(s) did physically exist somewhere, sometime, by someone...they were not official. So I will pass.

    Until I hear/see new evidence, this will be my opinion on the subject.

    Just my thoughts.

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    The picture on post 34
    shows an austian HJ member (see the edelweiss on his collar). That means that the picture was not taken before 1938. The helmet is a WWI pattern and the "decal" looks like the decals sold to put on model airplanes... or it's symply a paint work.

    The decals we can found today on HJ helmets exist in 2 different pattern. I own since 30 years a HJ helmet with the first decal (see pictures below). I never saw a period picture with this decal and, so, I don't know today if it's an original.

    The second decal pattern is illustrated in a period publication (see pictures below) and so we know that this one existed.

    Best regards

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    A half year ago, I saw a M34 helmet on catawiki, an auctionsite.
    It had full HJ decals.

    I don't know if they really existed.

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