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    Deutsches Jungvolk Armband??

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    not keen on this one, perhaps another forum member can add there opinion. pete.

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    there has been much disussion about these armbands,i for one don't believe these to be period accept when it's homemade.On the internet there is supposidly a picture that show these in wear however i belive the photo not to be an it's acually up to the person who wants to buy it.

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    I have been told this is Flemish youth. I don't really know of a regulation addressing this armband. Until I've seen a regulation I would probably be unsure. Here's a photo of one in wear, so judge for yourself. :confused:
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    hi shane
    the other one you posted has a better chance as there are pics of that in wear, but this one for me is no good

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    I concure ..not good.

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