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    Frente de Juventudes armband


    I'm very not familiar with this type of armband. What is the consensus about this? I believe is for the Flemish youth (FJ for Flandern Jugend?). Any helps was appreciated A

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    Thats an Spanish Armband from the "Frente de Juventudes".
    Its a youth organisation like HJ in the Franco's period.
    I'm sorry to say but not an HJ item or Flemish Jugend.
    Was used from 40's to 70's.

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    The Flemish armband is similar to the standard HJ armband, but has a Sigrune instead of a swastika in the center panel. These are often reproduced and sold as "DJ Armbands". Originals are rare.

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    You're right ! Many thanks for your help
    Two of these armband were sold with a flemish origin, a big mistake

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    That one of the "Frente de Juventudes" is anyway is nice armband and historically interesting. They are more cheap than one HJ armband. You can find they for 50 in very good condition.

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