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    I would be unsure of its authenticity, too. I have never seen anything like this before. But maybe the experts on HJ armbands know if this is original or "fantasy crap", as someone said in the forum the other day.

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    further research going back on this sub forum there is another that is held in suspicion but little discussion on it

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    This armband shows up from time to time. The Einsatz were boys of the highest caliber in the HJ. This armband would not pass muster for them IMO. They were to have a new uniform on hand to be used when called to Einsatz duties.

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    I posted the following in another thread on these armbands and I stand by it

    Quote Originally Posted by Garry

    There is nothing in the 1938 regulation (still extant in 1943) that would support the period existence of special Einsatzgefolgschaft armbands. As mentioned previously, the distinguishing feature of the Einsatzgefolgschaft uniforms was the cuff title mentioned in the regulations. This makes sense because the DJ also provided personnel for the Einsatzgefolgschaft so with that in mind why give the HJ members an additional armband? It makes no sense so in lieu of photographic or other evidence I will continue to view these armbands as fantasy products.

    Source :

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    thanks for your input Gary was researching for a dealer who will return it to the vendor and a printed plain armband . The voice here dose have an impact with dealers

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    I've been asked about that very armband a few times now. A couple of PM's and email inquiries. Someone is shopping it around quite a bit.

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