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    Kriegseinsatz des BDM


    Do you think this armband has a chance to be original? Never seen in my books...



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    I personally think that it is original and very late war at that,indicated by the printed text the basic armband looks good to me.

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    I would not dismiss it out of hand just from photos. I have a similar armband I've always had doubts about. It's one of the HJ Volksstrumm armbands, multi piece but stamped lettering and eagle. Mine glows under blacklight, does yours also glow?

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    I don't know i saw this armband on a dealer site. I find it interesting but i'm suspicious

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    I posted mine on WAF and it got a thumbs up from a few, but I still have doubts about it. I would have returned it, but long story it got "lost" in the post and took months to arrive from Canada. By the time I recieved it I already wasn't crazy about it, then it glowed like it was made in Chernobyl under blacklight!!

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    You can find another one here:

    BDM Armbinde

    bdma.jpg bdma1.jpg

    Real or fake?



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    I'm always very sceptical of items like this and tend to shift into 'logic mode' when I see them.

    I find myself asking the questions 'why make it?' 'why wear it?' I mean, who wasn't involved in the war effort? It's a bit like a football player running onto the field wearing an armband stamped with 'football player' isn't it?

    I don't know. I'd personally need some more evidence for the period existence of armbands like this.

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    What concerns me is the (26) on the band.
    I wouldn't touch it

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    Here's the printed armband I have. It's multi piece woven construction with printed lettering and eagle. I don't really like it. Several members on WAF say it's good but I have my doubts. I guess I could have sold it to one of them, but I don't want to pass it on unless I'm sure it's legit.
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    The youth was not on duty all year long (because of the family and the school and because they were only childrens). So, when it was real duty time, that was an event. That's the reason of armbands, armstrips and tinnies that says that.

    I found a picture of austrian girls in the war years with armbands.
    Best regards
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