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    Nationale Jeugdstorm armband

    just PURCHASED this DUTCH youth armband one I never though would see, dirty but so rare

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    Nice one Paul

    I once owned an
    Soldbuch issued to a Dutch volunteer from Amsterdam .
    I believe he was in the General Seyfardt Regiment
    It had a notation that he had been a youth Leader .
    He was KIA mid April 1945 near Berlin .

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    Awesome. Never seen one.

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    a very nice and original Nationale Jeugdstorm armband.

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    Nice I'm jealous!!

    Sad that those items are not in Holland but great items for your collection!
    P.S. Joecool, for how much did you bought/sold that soldbuch?

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    Hoger kader

    very nice armband Paul
    armband of senior management (Hoger kader)

    mouwband jeugdstorm a.JPG jan.jpg

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