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    Black DJ Buckle – normal size.

    Hello guys - I need your help !!!

    I have had this buckle for several years, but I have never found out what the meaning of the black color is.

    I think that the 4 attached pics tells all about materials and construction of the buckle.

    dj sort stort 001.jpgdj sort stort 002.JPGdj sort stort 003.jpgdj sort stort 004.jpg

    I have seen (in an earlier thread) that Chad have a few black buckles in his collection. I hope that Chad still is on this forum, have not seen him a while here.

    On the backside stand: GES. GESCH. E.F. WIEDMANN FRANKFURT A/ M.S.

    A buckle just like mine is pictured in Angolias book “Belt Buckles and Brocades of the Third Reich” on page 260. Exactly the same buckle from Angolias book is by the way now for sale at “German war booty” at i.m.o a VERY high price, but maybe it is worth it ??

    Do any of the members on this forum have any knowledge to the meaning of the black color ??? or any other knowledge to this buckle at all ???


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    Chad Williams is a member here, he is very good with HJ buckles. Hopefully he will see this and make some comments.

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    Chad posted a thread on the black DJ buckle in the Full Member "Other Articles" area where he shows many examples. On the matter of the colour he says: "As of now, there is no known printed regulations as to the purpose of the black color.."

    That's true. Regulations show that from the 15th of Dec 1933 the DJ buckle was the polished brass alloy type so all we can currently say about the use of black paint is that we know (from period photographs) it was used early on.

    Something that has always been a pet theory of mine is that the black buckle was worn by the Deutsches Jungvolk when it was still an autonomous organisation prior to being absorbed into the Hitler Youth on the 27th of March 1931 but I have zero proof of that. In fact, I have never seen a photo of the Deutsches Jungvolk from around that time. So, still a theory.

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    Hi guys, what a great buckle this is! I know this maker and this buckle. I have one, although mine is not as nice and has a repair to it. I hope that one day we find the documentation showing what the purpose of the Black DJ buckles. We have period photos showing them in wear, yet we don't know why they are black..
    The buckle you mentioned that is on German War Booty is WAY overpriced. I was offered that buckle at less than half of what they are asking and I said NO. That buckle will be on there and for sale forever as no one in their right mind would pay that! It is strange to me that GWB had that buckle posted and priced for $700 and after some time took it off and reposted it for even more!! I recall it being $1200 ! haha WOW
    The buckle you posted is a more rare maker with an excellent marking and a very seldom seen buckle! Thank you for sharing!

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    Hi Chad - nice to hear your opinion, the buckle is now even more worth to me than before, because you have an given me a hint about the rarity of this buckle.


    I will make a new post with another black buckle I have, the small one, and hope that you an the other members of this forum will make there comments about it.


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    Nice one..
    I hope that the meaning of the black part will be known.

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