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    Hard to find Schroder made DJ buckle

    Hey gang! This baby just arrived today! It's a pretty neat buckle that displays markings that were used for only a very short period of time! I would like to thank Chad for helping me out with this buckle. I knew it was legit - but was looking for more info in regards to the maker: Wilhelm Schroeder...according to Chad, this buckle displays an uncommon marking, it is a transitional marking only used for a year at most, so there are few of these buckles around.

    Very happy to have this one added to the collection. I really love how the maker mark is actually on the outside of the buckle rather than inside. The pics will help you understand what I mean here.



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    awesome buckle!
    the fact that the mark is on the outside is great.. super rare.. yours is only the 2nd example of this mark that I have ever seen.
    thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks Chad! I too find it quite odd to see the markings on the outside like this. Great to hear that it's a hard to find example. Makes it that more special buddy! Thanks for your help!



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    Congrats Rob, what a great catch


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    Rare and fantastic buckle!

    Ciao BIGGET

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    very nice buckle rob!! i have just bought a black dj and i will show it when it arrives

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    Thanks guys! Glad you like it!
    -collector: I look forward to seeing that "blackie"!!!! Rare for sure!


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