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    Nice Zinc M4/38 HJ buckle

    Hey guys, No matter what, this buckle led me to join this site, so it is a real score. What do you think? Got this at a show for $80, guy wanted $125, so I waited until the last hour of the last day and he took the $80. Everything looks in check to me, and I can't find any fakes mimicking this type, but I'd love your opinions. Thanks a bunch, Henry


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    Hello , welcome to the best forum on the internet conserning all aspects of the HJ .

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    Hello Henry! Yup....that's a good one! Nothing wrong there - you picked up an authentic late war manufactured HJ buckle - made by Richard Sieper and Son. $125 was pretty steep - you did great waiting until the last possible moment to pick it up. Great score! Welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks for the info ! Love the site and had not heard of it, so the buckle leading me here was worth whatever it cost!! Thanks again, Henry

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    RZM M4/38 HJ buckle

    Here is another
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    Here we have 2 types of manufacture for this maker.
    The so called injection molded and my buckle seems to be die stamped.
    Is this correct.

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