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    Annoying Hitler Youth collectibles

    After the latest attempt to wring some actual hard facts out of the dealers in support of the 'DJ' knives they sell at hugely inflated prices but for whose period existence and use there is no verifiable evidence I thought it would be a good idea for us to pool our resources and thoughts and have a go at some other Hitler Youth collectibles which never seem to convince the collector. I'm also looking for items which are generally considered to be fakes with the aim of collating what we know into one thread on each specific item. There are countless threads out there which often tail off with nothing really being achieved so it would be good to tackle these items properly.

    So, I'm looking to compile a list of items initially in this thread and then I'll split the items off into their own threads where we can discuss them. I'll link to those discussions from here. Please add your suggestions in a new post below with a picture of the item where possible.

    Running List:

    Let's talk about the Hochlandlager 1936 badge

    Let's talk about Olympic Hitler Youth and 1935 Reichsparteitag daggers

    Let's talk about multi-coloured Hitler Youth membership badges

    Let's talk about Deutsches Jungvolk armbands

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    Good idea
    The 1936 Hochlandlager Tinnie/Eventbadge comes to mind, but thats already got its own Thread

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    Added to the list in #1

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    and DJ knives added too

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    Odd. colored member badges and printed armbands?A

    Admin Edit: suggestions added

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    The Golden HJ badge(s) with Oak leaf border that is NOT in solid gold

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    Foreign HJ badge

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    HJ Ehrenzeichen für Verdiente Ausländer

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    The "DJ" armband.

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