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    Großes Militärwaisenhaus Potsdam shoulderstraps

    From Ebay. Somebody (I hope someone from this forum) got a hell of a good deal .
    I was going to bid but I fell asleep.

    They sold for 67 Euro .

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    That's a bargain, in my opinion. The photos are not quite clear, but the embroidery seems to be okay.
    This is anyway not as with the fake shoulder-straps that were made as a souvenir for the former members.
    A matching pair is hard to find! This is the second matching pair I have seen in many, many years.

    Falling asleep is not good when bidding, joecool.

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    hello Joe, i would not know what they were had i seen them, thanks again HJ-Forum!!!

    i will know now..

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    I saw these as well, was hoping someone here would get them. Good price for sure.

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    Here you can see the difference with the embroidery: at left fake; at right as the actual
    original shoulder-straps.

    Thanks for the explanation on the picture uploads Garry.

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    Wim is having problems with the uploading of images to the forum so he asked me to add the following pictures of MWP straps from the Heinrich K. Collection to the thread:

    IMGP1696.JPG IMGP1697 - kopie.JPG

    Many thanks Wim

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    Thanks Garry.

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    Thanks Garry. Heinrich, who is the new owner for the shoulder-straps, was so kind
    to provide me with better photographs and simultaneously allowed me to show them
    to the HJ-forum members/visitors!

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    Nice, the bargains are still out there.. few & far between, but they are there.

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    amazing where they on ebay germany or ebay usa never saw them.

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