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    Exclamation HJ Morality

    We all know that from the top downwards the SS State was sexually very moral and althought they could and did slaughter anyone who stood in their way they cherished the sanctity of marriage like any Presbytarian minister, and took a dim view of sex outside marriage. Considering the power so many officials gave themselves there was very little or no sexual impropriety, no 'sex abuse' as we would now say. The occasional documented case resulted in either execution or sent to a concentration camp; which was the same thing really. Beaing in mind the doctrination imbibed by all sections of the HJ it is therefore surprising that after the 1938 Nuremburg Rally over 3,000 BDM girls reported themselves pregnant as a result - some of the fathers must have been older Hitler Jugend boys. This was years before teenage girls declared themserlves illegitimately pregnant with the battle cry of "A Baby for Adolf" and the SS State discreetly delivered the pregnancy in one of the infamous maternity homes set up for that purpose. (I bet an English Girl Guide Jamboree did not result in mass-pregnancies!).
    It seems so odd that the top echelons were so very sexually moral and took no advantage of their opportunity, dishing out Motherhood Medals only for births within marriage, but there must have been some very very lax morality by the HJ during or after these big rallies. Does anyone know if any 'men' were disciplined for these pregnancies? Did they result in live births, if so what happened to the infants? Adopted in families? Brought up in orphanages? Just another train of thought by ROBERT (I am trying to build up my posts so that I can be granted access to the Baldur/von Schirach correspendence site!!!! I need, apparently, 19!)

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    3000 Bdm girls reported as PREGNANT as a result of ONE Rally ...

    That is not a rally , that is a Sex Feast .

    Is there proof with documentation .

    If so , Damn ..... I wish I was there . :001_tt2:

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    HJ Morality

    I thought that fact was common knowledge - I have it somewhere in my library and will return with the reference. I am NOT making it up - somebody out there help me out please.

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    I remember reading something to that effect, about pregnancies after a rally, but don't remember anything on the numbers...

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    You put a large group of young blokes with a large group of young women in an exciting setting (I imagine the rally would have been quite exciting) and I guess the natural thing happened. No amount of propaganda, no matter how firmly driven into a young brain, will cancel out sexual drive. That's been governing people's actions since the dawn of humankind.

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    It's a myth as are the SS baby factories... I'll dig out the reference I have when I have time.

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    Even if it was a myth, I think it'd be naive to completely dismiss the idea of HJ boys having sex with BDM girls. Neo-nazis would have you believe that the Reich was some kind of shining moral beacon, but that's crap. People follow base urges and always will.

    As for the baby factory stories, I guess the Lebensborn program got blown out of proportion and sensationalised. Also, you'd have the usual muttonheads watching movies like Gestapo's Last Orgy and making assumptions, which wouldn't help.
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    I have repeated thoughts that if there had been 'baby farms' (and I don't now think there were any, the evidence would have surfaced in time) or if the older HJ boys and BDM girls were sexually involved together in large numbers, it might have been 'not for love as we know it' but used as an excuse for the quasi-duty of 'Having a Baby for Adolf' - as such it might have been approved at a local level and become semi-mechanical. The point I am making, rather badly perhaps, is that by, say 1942/43, HJ morality was not on a normal plane, and this would have encompassed killing for the state, eliminating all normal compassion outside their own circle of friends and relatives, and perhaps sexual activity too. Given the chance teenage boys and girls have enjoyable exciting sex, as we all do and have done since the dawn of time, but I idly wonder if such youth indoctrinated in an ever-more Totalitarian State might have seen 'sex' as being enjoyable, yes, but also used as an excuse to provide the racially correct offspring they had been indoctrinated to believe would be the Master Race - and for girls there was the ever-more widespread and welcoming safety net of being heroines as mothers, and having first rate maternity care with no stigma. I feel quite sure the concentration camp guards (ex-HJ Youth!) did not feel they were committing murder as we know it. It was a depraved and warped job for them to do. Perhaps HJ boys and BDM girls might have come to the same view with personal relationships, blurring the distinction between natural sex and essential reproduction, thus eliminating all the arts of seduction, soft lights, chocolates, and a bunch of flowers.
    "Hey! Let's sleep together, for the state!!! You might qualify for a Mother's Medallion....." I see lots of forum members use Hitler's quote about making boys into men of steel, and that was not idle rhetoric. Blond-haired blue-eyed kids in short shorts were only a couple of years from being those men of steel, with all the consequences that flowed thereafter. It is always a matter of regret for me that membership of the HJ became compulsory, like nationalising a country's entire youth population.
    Is there much written about the changes, if any, that came about when complusion came in? I was a regular soldier in the time of Nation Service and we tended to look down on 'them' - WE were real soldiers. I wonder if the volunteer HJ resented the movement going compulsory? ROBERT

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    Robert, I mean no offence but in my opinion this avenue of discussion is not going in a direction commensurate with the stated purpose of this forum. I would prefer it if we could stick to discussions which are founded in fact.

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