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    Hochland , is one of them .

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    We already have one!
    Come guys, we can do a list about all Gebiets who used Hochland insignia.

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    Hi Albrecht

    I dont think ther are many i think Deutsch-Osterreich(german austria) district wore them, heres a picture you may like

    HJ boys map reading with Gebirgsjäger troops,


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    If you don't know this interesting site already, you might like to check it out... Die Gebirgstruppen unterm Edelweiß
    Sorry, I think it may be against forum rules to paste in outside sites... but this is relevant to research and not advertising something, so I hope it's okay guys... cheers, Hansi

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    I like so much that pic!
    I want do in an uniform something like this...
    Well i will try do it, but for that is needed know organisation, where haved mountain troops and not made a big mistake putting an insignia where does not go.

    Also Thank you for the forum, i alwais liked mountain troops!

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    Nice photo Steve and strange looking uniform, like a small british battle dress!

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    Here's a member of one of the so-called 'Gebirgs-HJ' units (or HJ-Bergfahrtengruppen to give them their correct name) which might be useful.

    I can't find any mention of an official uniform for these units and this would seem to be confirmed by an account written by Werner Bierdämpfel in his book 'Begegnungen mit Bergen und Menschen' where he states that when he formed a HJ-Bergfahrtengruppe in Ulm in 1942 that there was no special uniform and that they hiked and climbed in the clothing shown on the photo because the standard HJ uniform was unsuitable for the job. He says that this was an unofficial uniform.
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    Interesting unofficial windbluse

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    Then need found on what gebiets used the edelweiss on regular HJ uniforms.
    I already have two:
    - Süd Hochland
    - Südost Wien

    gonna find more!

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