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    Strength of the HJ specialists (Flieger HJ, Nachrichten HJ etc)

    I was thinking that any boy who joined the HJ would be more interested in joing one of the specialist units rather than just the 'normal' HJ. More fun I think? These specialist parts of the HJ were always smaller though and I was wondering why that was so.

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    Yes, there were sometimes problems with this but the Reichsjugendführung decreed that 30% of the total strength of the HJ should be on the books of the specialist units. Changing to a specialist arm was voluntary 99.99% of the time but some boys were forced one way or the other to meet local quotas.

    Long before any boy went across to another arm a long paperwork trail ensured that the numbers had been worked out long before that day. There were medical assessments which ensured that a boy met the respective requirements for his chosen arm. Boys with certain trade skills appropriate to the chosen arm also had better chances of going across.

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    Thanks for the information Garry. Great question. I think Flieger was really popular, just from the ammount of straps that are availible compared to Motor, Strief, Marine, and I think Signals was the least popular. That's all speculation on my part, just going by the current availibility of straps.

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    Going by the numbers in various period and modern books the Motor-HJ was the largest followed by Flieger-HJ, Marine-HJ, Nachrichten-HJ and Reiter-HJ respectively Darin. It's difficult to get good numbers though because the figures given are normally for boys who had achieved the respective goals (Nachrichtenschein, Driving licence etc) and so don't reflect the actual numbers of boys within these organisations.

    As the war progressed ever more boys were drafted into the specialist arms and this is where the figure of 30% comes from. Artur Axmann ordered it in 1940 (actually the figure was 33% in the first regulation which is revised to 35% in a later directive). Pre-war the numbers of boys in the various specialist arms would have been nowhere near that figure.


    figures for 1939 show the following membership numbers:

    Motor-HJ - 120000
    Flieger-HJ - 90000
    Marine-HJ - 50000
    Na-HJ - not given but each Bann had a minimum of one Nachrichtenschar
    Reiter-HJ ? (Was not a specialist arm after 1939)

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    What colour of piping was on the HJ reiterboards??

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    Standard HJ straps Patrick. No special colour.

    Edit: The Reiter-HJ was quite small and was aimed primarily at youth in the countryside as it was really only them who had horses or could afford them. The Reiter-HJ ceased to be a special arm after 1939.

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    Ok thanks Garry so the designation was not in the colour but on the straps itself.I have never seen these kind of straps.

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    They were just standard HJ straps Patrick. Indistinguishable from general HJ.

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    Was also the HJ-Streifendienst made by volunteers?

    was there any requisite to join that group?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    They were just standard HJ straps Patrick. Indistinguishable from general HJ.
    Thanks for the info Garry,i thought there might be special lettering on the boards indicating Reiter-HJ

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