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    Hitler Youth at Concentration Camps

    I found this photo on the internet .
    It shows , what looks to be an HJ boy captured NEAR or AT one of the Consentration Camps .
    A former
    inmate armed with rifle and fixed bayonet is marching a uniformed boy wearing an HJ armband to some rear area , while an allied soldier looks on .

    I`m thinking WRONG place and WRONG time to SURRENDER !
    I doubt this boy lived much longer after this photo was taken.

    Can anyone tell me if there is documented proof of Hitlerjugend BILLETED at Consentration Camps in the last weeks of the war in Europe ?

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    to be honest from the guys face he looks like an older guy, still a very interesting pic have never heard of the HJ having any involvment with the concentration camps,you never know after the camps where liberated a lot of the people just wandered to the nearest towns to look for food etc maybe this was taken in a town close to one of the camps where there would be a HJ contingent

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    I agree with Stu. There are pics of the
    -Hitlerjugend members being captured and beaten up, but not by
    prisoners though.
    I think i can answer your question Joe with a no! Shortly after the camps were liberated, around 1946-1948, lots of books were written about the different KZs, mainly just first hand accounts and stories from prisoners etc, going into horrifically accurate detail about everything. These were published in french, then later translated, and can still be found today, there are about 26 of them in the series, so about a years reading. I had them all, and read them all many times as i had intended to do a project on the KZs some years ago, and not one single time have i ever read or heard of HJ members at KZs, i very much doubt a young person would have been able to mentally handle the last days of any
    btw; why do you think the guy in the pic is a HJ member?

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    The captured soldier looks to be wearing an HJ armband .

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    Could it be another kind of Armband?

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    There is a WHOLE lot of strange things in the photo.

    1) Armband looks HJish but the fellow looks older

    2) Why does the "prisoner" still have his helmet? This is a potential weapon.

    3) The
    inmate looks odd in many ways including the uniform which has NO patches one would expect

    4) The rifle and bayonet look...well Japanese (arisaka I think)

    I am not sure this photo is right, opinions to the contrary are very welcome.

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    heres a twist...though not in the HJ My uncle was 11 and separated from his family for weeks, one day he happened across a baseball mitt ...never saw one in his life as he was looking at it trying to figure out what this leather glove with a big piece of leather between thumb and forefinger was for
    2 GIs spotted him and they thought it weird that a German kid had a baseball glove and thought he had stolen it from a G.I.they weren't sure what to do with him ....they ended up taking him with them newly liberated Buchenwald !

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    hallo Coburger.An allied propaganda picture? why not and I wouldn't be surprised

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    I've wondered about how involved the HJ were in many things. I know not all of them were as evil just like their adult counterparts. It does make me wonder if there were many that were really as into the violence and hate like they grew up seeing. :(

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    The HJ per se were not involved in the camps and though individual members may have (especially in the fag end of the war when younger and younger people were fighting) have come across
    inmates but I agree with the poster who said that many aspects of the photo seemed inconsistent.

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