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    Angolia the HJ reference books

    I'm considering to invest some money to buy at least one of the 2 voumes. Could you tell me the contents and which of the 2 is the best? They cost a fortune nowadays ...

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    i think volume 1 is the best there is one on ebay germany for sale

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    Give this site a try,I have had fair luck finding out of print books for a reasonable sum.However in this case I doubt you will find either volume for less than $100 US.

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    Trying to decide which volume is better is really a matter of personal preference. I personally prefer volume 2 since it contains a chapter on tinnies. If I primarily collected sigrune patches and shoulder straps I would vote for volume 1. These reference books have become quite pricey since they are no longer in print. I think I paid between $35 and $40 for each volume; however, I purchased these reference books more than ten years ago.


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    Not trying to empty your wallet:D but i think you need both, unless as collect says you are just going to focus on one area ,


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    Steve I will indeed buy both, but I would like to see if I can start with vol.2 which appears to be less rare than vol 1. How are the 2 volumes divided?

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    check ABEBOOKS .COM and amazon .com for best prices and also consider the book by LITTLEJOHN


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    Its to long for my one fingered typing so here is a scan of the chapters ( vol 2), i hope it helps

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    thank you! Meanwhile I got hold of one copy of David Littlejohn's book. It wasn't cheap too guys!
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    The Philip Baker books are great too.

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