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    EARLY DELIVERY then mine should be here this week


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    got mine

    just brought from e bay paid £76 with postage the seller has 3 left item number 160366765453 good luck

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    Is there any information in the book concerning different types of RZM tags? Mike

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    Yes, there is a section on RZM tags and a list of the A4 manufacturers.

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    JUST GOT MINE EDITION 12 signed. Now it is from a quick view focused on triangles and shoulders so if you are not interested big time in these the book may not be for you. I thought this was to be the end all for HJ collecting but only if you like triangles and shoulder straps. Also there is great emphasis on dating the triangles which annoys me especially after the author has stated there is no way to date them . I firmly believe they are font varieties with some used earlier than others but carried through. There are just to many makers not to have this happen my two cents for all to digest and comment on please


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    Paul I owe you a pint! You spared me big money...I am not that interested or focuses on those only.

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    Thanks for the review Paul. How has he listed the Banne, Jungbanne etc?

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    hi paul

    this is why i have not bothered when the book was first announced it was to be the THE BOOK ON THE HJ but now it seems it is mainly triangles and boards and as i stated in another post all the bann numbers i need have already been supplied by garry so no need to pay £80 for them

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    Garry on first look I think you in particular would be disappointed


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    I love the triangles and Darin the shoulders so the book is great for us but IMO will now be a hard sell for general collectors

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