1. J

    How many makers of the Arbeiter-Jugend membership badge were there?

    How many known makers were there of the first pattern HJ membership badge? According to an announcement at the end of December 1931(1), the only maker allowed to make and mark them was Otto Baudermann, although surely the supply and demand was too much for one single maker before and after this...
  2. J

    Let's talk about the Hochlandlager 1936 badge

    Admin Edit: This is a thread dedicated to collating information on the Hochlandlager 1936 badge. It is part of our series on 'Annoying HJ collectibles' Add your links to other discussions, evidence, pictures - anything that will...
  3. J

    Klaus Butschek should know better. Fake HJ membership badge for sale

    I noticed that ever since the middle of last year, Klaus Butschek has been sliding down the same road as Beck militaria. He used to have really nice items at great prices, now its all going to pot.& his website is filling up with crap.. €80.- for this FAKE ? i do believe that not even a beginner...
  4. Garry

    LDO - Leistungsgemeinschaft deutscher Ordenshersteller

    Is this list complete chaps? LDO. Hersteller Präsidialkanzlei: 1 Deschler & Sohn, München 2 C.E. Juncker, Berlin 3 Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid 4 Steinhauer & Lück, Lüdenscheid 5 Hermann Wernstein, Jena-Lobstedt 6 Fritz Zimmermann, Stuttgart 7 Paul Meybauer, Berlin 8 Ferdinand Hoffstätter...
  5. H2OCO2

    List of RZM codes (RZM Herstellerliste)

    Source: M1/1 Kallenbach, Meyer & Franke ~ Luckenwalde M1/2 Richard Conrad ~ Weimar M1/3 Max Kremhelmer ~ München M1/4 Karl Gutenkunst ~ Oranienburg ( License withdrawn on 10.01.1935) M1/5 Walter Simon ~ Dresden...