1. C

    HJ winter cap with red piping cord? Feuerwehrschar?

    Hey guys, I found this on a troll through the dealer sites today. Dealer describes it as "M43 FIRE BRIGADE CAP". I have never seen one of these caps with a red cord and am also unaware that the HJ Feuerwehrscharen had a cap specific to them. Is this cap really "HJ"?
  2. hoodooedd

    DJ Fire Training (Feuerwehrscharen) Late-war Berlin

    Hi this is some photos of the Ost Berlin DJ late war doing Fire Training. Incredible to think of the dangerous work these young boys had to do.
  3. cemifor

    Memmber of the Hitler Youth HJ Feuerwehrscharen (fire service auxiliary)

    Photo: HJ firefighter . (Pics are from a current ebay auction)
  4. Pimpf359

    HJ Feuerwehrscharen

    Hello what you think about the Insignia? Is it good or a Fake?
  5. Albrecht

    Hitler Youth fire service (HJ Feuerwehrscharen) olive brown fire jacket

    This beauty piece is now in my hands! I will try to get a belt and bucle and a shirt for this one; I know pants will be almost impossible.
  6. S

    HJ Fire diamond patch (HJ Feuerwehrscharen) opinions

    Need some help with this patch, Im unsure on it, all opinions appreciated thanks
  7. lauri

    HJ Feuerwehrscharen dienstrock

    Hello, Not the perfect state of preservation but I'm very satisfied with this HJ firefighter tunic. I just receive it, I'll clean up a bit to make her more presentable. I will try to find SRD shoulderboards and the firefighter arm patch.
  8. holzwurm_1920

    Gebiet Westfalen "Ausweis HJ-Feuerwehrschar" "K-Übungsleiterausweis" "Einberufungsbefehl"

    Hello, here are 4 pictures of my new paper-items. First a Ausweis from "Feuerwehrscharen im HJ-Streifendienst", a "K-Übungsleiter-Ausweis" and from a "Einberufungsbefehl". In the "Feuerwehrscharenausweis" is listed that the boy got the "HJ-Feuerwehrabzeichen Formationsabzeichen", can anbody...
  9. Albrecht

    HJ Streifendienst - Firefighter (Feuerwehrscharen) mannequin

    There is my firefighter!
  10. lauri

    Fire fighters patch with white border

    Hello Do you think this Ärmelraute for Führer der HJ Feuerwehrscharen was authentic ? Sorry but i have no better pic for the moment :madgrin: If possibility to see yours to compare it would be nice !
  11. Paul Ayerst

    HJ Feuerwehrscharen patch

    just got this one today very nicely folded for wear now to get the NSKK driver one
  12. B

    HJ fire fighters patch

    ive been asked to post some shots of this HJ Feuerwehrscharen fire defence badge, this example is for other ranks.......