1. J

    HJ membership badges M1/13, M1/72, M1/136 (solid red)

    opinions on the following. I question all three based on the maker database but am not an expert on these badges at all. Please help as I am looking for my first HJ badge. Admin Edit: please upload pictures of items under discussion as opposed to just the link. As soon as the pictures...
  2. zacker

    Hitler Youth Proficiency Badge (Silver level) by M1/72 For Review

    Hello, just picked this up, thanks for looking or opinions.
  3. J

    M1/72 HJ achievement badge without award serial number?

    What are the general thoughts on this badge?
  4. J

    How many makers of the diamond-shape Hitler Youth membership badge were there?

    List last updated: 25th of Nov 2023 This is the running list of HJ membership badge makers. As new confirmed makers come in they will be added to this thread. Note: to be included into this list the maker must be shown in a primary source and/or the badge must be fully discussed. Without...
  5. H2OCO2

    List of RZM codes (RZM Herstellerliste)

    Source: http://www.hj-research.com/forum/f90/rzm-hersteller-list-1190/index2.html#post36054 M1/1 Kallenbach, Meyer & Franke ~ Luckenwalde M1/2 Richard Conrad ~ Weimar M1/3 Max Kremhelmer ~ München M1/4 Karl Gutenkunst ~ Oranienburg ( License withdrawn on 10.01.1935) M1/5 Walter Simon ~ Dresden...
  6. Paul Ayerst

    HJ membership badge M1/72

    this is a mint folding tang diamond maker m1/72 Zimmermann.24mm long