1. M

    Rare Nord / Ostsee HJ triangle

    Here is my Nord Ostsee triangle. This is the second piece I've ever seen.
  2. Paul Ayerst

    HJ winter uniform grouping - Bann 507, Ost Ostsee triangle

    just bought this HJ winter grouping all comment appreciated :canada1
  3. Gefolgschaft

    Humped up HJ Winterbluse with "Ost Ostsee" triangle

    This one is listed here: germanmilitariacollectibles com Incorrectly described as "HJ Blue Winter Dress Uniform, Flying Suit". It has what appears to be an original "Ost/Ostsee" triangle on it, red piped and numbered general HJ shoulder straps from Bann 507 Wien/West, and includes an obviously...
  4. Garry

    List of HJ Wehrertüchtigungslager and Reichsausbildungslager

    The aim here is to compile lists of all known Wehrertüchtigungslager (WEL - HJ pre-military training camps). This thread includes an ongoing list of WEL that existed in 1942 and others created after 1942, a complete list as at 29.5.1943 and a list of known Reichsausbildungslager (this list is...