1. E

    HJ Reichssportwettkämpfe 1940 winner's badge (Siegernadel) in gold?

    I've been spending the last month focusing on these pins. While searching, I found this rarity: I've seen a few 1940-1941 badges covered front and back in bright silver and have wondered if the silver coating was done at the time of manufacture or if the pins were embellished by an owner...
  2. zacker

    HJ Tinnies Opinions Requested

    Treue um Treu, Saar 1935 Mutter und Kind 1934 Deutsches Jugendfest 1936 1939 Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel (winner's badge) These look ok? thanks Admin edit: description of badges added
  3. R

    HJ Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel tinnies collection

    Hi, I'm new here and among others WWII stuff I collect HJ Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel tinnies. I think I have a near complete sequence, only missing the 1941 and a 1943 with half oak leaves crown in better conditions (at mine the rear pin is missing). Among them I have two 1938 and two...
  4. cardon

    Printed Hitler Youth armband, 1935 Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel and 'tinnie' for Jugendherberge Annaberg- opinions?

    Hello Guys, Was offered an armband and two badges in one lot,could you please take a look at them and give your opinions. Thanks a lot !!! cardon
  5. oldtrcollector

    Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel badges legitimate?

    Hi - I wanted to get some opinions on these 2 Sport Festival badges. I am especially wondering about the 1939. It looks good from front, but look at the name on the back: "E. SCH L". Is that a maker? The 1937 is made by Hillenbrand & Bröer. So are they both ok?
  6. punkt0900

    HJ Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel

    Hallo, zum Anfang gleich noch eins von 1938. Für mich ein original. Was haltet ihr davon?
  7. H

    Reichssportwettkampf 1939 Siegernadel and Oberdonau 1941

    for railhouse: Sport Siegernadel 1941 Oberdonau
  8. Paul Ayerst

    New bunch of Hitler Youth tinnies

    JUST IN a new bunch from two dealers. My tinnie collection is really nice now and like others different ones are getting hard to find. Hitler-Jugend Elbmündung Sportfest Juni 1939 Sonnenwende 1934 Hitler-Jugend-Treffen des Bannes B5 in Bamberg Reichsjugendwettkämpfe Siegernadel 1943 1...
  9. A

    Oval 1943 HJ Reichssportwettkampf winner's badge (Siegernadel)

    Hi, here the rare one HJ Reichssportwettkampf Siegernadel 1943 in the oval variation. To see seldom, seldom illustrated. Much more often is the half form. greeting atze
  10. A

    Siegernadel 1937 in Colour

    hi I have here a winner's badge coloured, is it oK? I have never seen it. thanks atze
  11. woolgar

    HJ Sports badge 1935 Siegernadel Reichssportwettkampf

    What do you think to this baby, is the pin configuration ok?? Nick?
  12. Garry

    HJ Reichssportwettkampf winners badges - qualification

    After the NSDAP gained power this pre-existing youth sports event retained its name of "Deutsches Jugendfest". In 19371 the name was changed to "Reichssportwettkampf der HJ". The present-day competition is called "Bundesjugendspiele". There is sometimes the perception that these sports...
  13. Adrian Stevenson

    HJ Reichssportwettkampf badges Siegernadel

    Hi Guys, here are a few of these. I really intend to try and collect the rest of these at some point. Cheers, Ade.